​​Cara Cheska LLC

Alexa has been riding with Cara since WEF of 2015, with her ponies Simply Henry (pictured) and Deja Blue. She has competed in the Walk Trot, Crossrails, and just recently moved into the Short Stirrup where she was champion at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. She has also won and had championships at WEF and Kentucky in great company. Alexa's mother, Laura Karet, trains with Tom Wright in the Adult Hunter divisions. 

Current Students

Ann Hartnett

Reid Patton

Chapin, Cara's daughter, started in the walk trot division at the young age of 3 on her pony Finger Paint (pictured). "Pinky" took her all the way to winning championships at WEF in the Crossrail division and will always be a big part of her life, still traveling along to many of the shows today! Chapin went on to have many wins in the Crossrails, Short Stirrup, and Children's Pony divisions on her other small pony Beaumont. In 2015, Chapin competed with "Sports Fan" where she won classes in the Children's Ponies as well as starting in the jumper divisions. Now in 2016, Chapin has partnered with "Sandcastle", with whom she is already winning classes in the Small Pony division and has qualified for the USEF Pony Medal Finals!

Ann has been riding with Cara since WEF of 2015, with her horses Moon Pie and Casanova. She competes with Moon Pie in the Adult Hunter division, where she has received great ribbons at WEF and Tryon. In June, she was champion in the Adults at Tryon as well! Cara shows her horse Casanova in the Pre Green Hunter division, where she won and had top placings in Florida and Tryon in great company. Ann also enjoys driving her pony "Puck" (pictured), and has enjoyed helping Chapin drive her pony Pinky. 

Alexa Karet

Chapin Cheska

Kenya partnered up with Cara during WEF 2014, where she competed in the children's jumpers on her pony Orion's Isis (pictured). Her great partnership with Isis resulted in wins and other top-3 finishes at WEF, Kentucky, Brownland, Traverse City, and Spring Spectacular. In 2014, Kenya qualified and competed at Harrisburg and Washington where she was 12th and 7th in the Children's Jumper National Finals, respectively. Now, Kenya competes on her three mounts: Coulance, Ad Fundum, and Alpacino in the Low Junior jumper division. In July, Kenya and Coulance won the Modified Ch/Ad Jumper Classic at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. Kenya's beautiful farm in Franklin, Tennessee is where Cara Cheska LLC is based out of in the summer months.

Kenya Greenburg

Reid has been riding with Cara for over 4 years, and has had quite the success in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation. As a junior, Reid trained with John Roper, Christian Fiore, Tom Wright and Hayley Barnhill in the Hunters and Equitation. She has won and had top placings across the country at all major Indoor shows and Devon on her junior hunters; Foreign Encounter, Pharrell, Lennon, & Sincere. Reid also rode her equitation horses Triumph and Acortair to top ribbons at Capital Challenge, Devon, Maclay Regionals, and top 20 at Maclay Finals. Cara partnered up with Tom and Hayley to start Reid in the jumpers, where she started and won on Cara's Game Twist in the Children's Jumper division and now has wins all across the country in the High A/O division. Recently, Reid won a High A/O class at Harrisburg and the North American Jr/AO Jumper Championship at Capital Challenge with her horse Twisther (pictured). She also has continued in the hunters with her horse Sincere, resulting in a win at Devon in the Amateur Owner 3'3 division and a Reserve Championship.

Reid is now full time with Cara Cheska LLC with her horses; Twisther, Blizzerd, Tissem, Sincere, and Krake Ask.